Our Team


PhD Jan Hardt

Team leader

analysis, consulting, programing, statistics and research design, training, database development and maintenance, internet, networks, international development

Gerhard Gengenbacher

customer care, training, German hotline

Kai Görgen

programing, training

Somsak Nasawasd

Thai software localisation and translation

Dr. Klaus Norbisrath

medical development and programing

Hendrik Schütt

programing, investigation, travel guide and foreign country communication

Jens Schütt

training and customer care

Some of our team are freelancers. Up to your need we set your working team to your individual wishes. If wanted we offer more manpower to you also.

The team of the Institutes for Customer Centred Realisation is set from different persons with different qualifications. All collabourators have special qualifications like e.g. didactics of knowledge transfer, database development and training. In our team are professional trainers e.g. from university trainers, programers, web designers, SQL specialists, physicians. All the work daily in different institutions. Our bound to praxis makes our team sensible for the different problems in every day business as well as for the best fitting solution.

Each institution has special processes that work optimal together and produce its results. Due to our every day experience with a lot of different organisations our team is continuously in touch with new solutions. This also brings solutions form different branches. So our work is enriched day by day.

In our team we have high quality standards and further develpoment is continuously part of our work. Intern as well as extern.